simple script that generates a list of potential titles for a app

Here is a simple script that generates a list of potential titles for a app, taking into consideration some best practices for search engine optimization (SEO):

import random

keywords = ['app', 'mobile', 'tool', 'utility', 'productivity', 'fun', 'game', 'entertainment']

titles = []

for keyword in keywords:
  # Generate a list of potential titles using the keyword
  titles += [
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} App',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} for Mobile',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} Tool',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} Utility',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} for Productivity',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} for Fun',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} Game',
    f'{keyword.capitalize()} for Entertainment',

# Shuffle the list of titles

# Print the first 10 titles
for i in range(10):

This script generates a list of titles by combining different keywords with different phrases, such as "App", "Mobile", "Tool", "Utility", "Productivity", "Fun", "Game", and "Entertainment". It then shuffles the list of titles and prints out the first 10 titles.

To make the titles more SEO-friendly, you could consider including relevant keywords in the titles, such as the name of the app or the main functionality of the app. You could also consider using modifiers, such as "Best", "Top", or "Official", to make the titles more compelling and attract more clicks.

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