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Set Authorized Redirect URIs in Google API console

Once you have created your Google OAuth API Keys , you may be wondering how to authorize redirect URIs for your applications? or may you are receiving Error:redirect_uri_mismatch error. You can correct it by following these simple steps below. Note: This steps are intended for novice users. Go to Google API console and click API Access tab on the sidebar. Click Edit Settings under Client ID for web applications block. Enter your URIs, one per line as shown in picture below, and click Save/Update. That’s it, your application should work without any interruption from now on. For more info you can checkout google documentation here .

Creating Google OAuth API Keys and Developer Key

Google API lets you play with the core of Google system, by building queries, a client can access required data from various Google services, which can be used to build all types of Google based applications. Before sending API queries, a client application needs Google API keys. In this basic tutorial we will learn about obtaining Google API Keys and developer key from Google API console. Create Client ID and Client Secret Sign-in to Google and go to Google API console ,  click API Access  on the left sidebar, click big blue button “ Create an OAuth 2.0 Cliend ID “. A box should pop-up, enter your Project name and Product logo (optional), click next. Next choose your application type, usually it is Web application for websites. You should now be presented with Google Client ID and Client Secret on next page. You can use this information in your Google applications. Creating Developer Key Developer key is required to identify the project you’ve undertaken, su

Marshmallow Android 6.0

Whether you like them straight out of the bag, roasted to a golden brown exterior with a molten center, or in fluff form , who doesn’t like marshmallows? We definitely like them! Since the launch of the M Developer Preview at Google I/O in May, we’ve enjoyed all of your participation and feedback. Today with the final Developer Preview update, we're introducing the official Android 6.0 SDK and opening Google Play for publishing your apps that target the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow. Get your apps ready for Android Marshmallow The final Android 6.0 SDK is now available to download via the SDK Manager in Android Studio . With the Android 6.0 SDK you have access to the final Android APIs and the latest build tools so that you can target API 23. Once you have downloaded the Android 6.0 SDK into Android Studio, update your app project compileSdkVersion to 23 and you are ready to test your app with the new platform. You can also update your app to targetSdk