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Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 3 - Read User Input - Learn Online

Read command - The read command allows you to prompt for input and store it in a variable. shell allows to prompt for user input. Syntax: read varname [more vars] or read –p "prompt" varname [more vars] words entered by user are assigned to varname and “more vars” last variable gets rest of input line.

Make 5000 Facebook Facebook Friends in Just One Day without Block

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Introduction to Google Advertising ID and fast integration to Apk and use

  Advertising ID (Ad ID) The ad id is a user-specific, unique, re-settable ad id, provided by the Google Play Service, which gives users better control for developers to provide a simple, standard system to continue using your application for The anonymous identifier for the purpose of the ad and either reset the tag or exit the benefit-based Google Play medical program. The ad ID can be implemented in your application through a simple API. Focus on development functions Standard and Simple - Advertising logo is a standard part for analysis of advertising and simple systems . Let the user control - the user can set their ID at any time or exit those interest-based ads from Google's app, and their preferences apply to the advertising agency's advertising ID. Start Get the Google Play Service SDK - download the google-play-service.jar from the downloaded Android SDK's Extras directory Read the documentation and examples - document examples Annotations As a reminder , ple

Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 2 - using Variables and Comments- Learn Online

In Linux (Shell), there are two types of variable: (1) System variables - Created and maintained by Linux itself. This type of variable defined in CAPITAL LETTERS. (2) User defined variables (UDV) - Created and maintained by user. This type of variable defined in lower letters. Shell variables - var refers to the name, $var to the value - t = 100 #Sets var t to value 100 - echo ”$t = $t” #will print: $t = 100 - Remove a variable with unset var - Names begin with alpha characters and include alpha, numeric, or underscore

Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 1 - Introduction - Learn Online

A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter. The various dialects of shell scripts are considered to be scripting languages. A shell usually interprets a single line of input, but we can also create a file containing a number of lines of commands to be interpreted. This file is a program known as a shell script. The program can also contain control structures (if-then, loops). Shell scripts allow a sequence of commands to be executed automatically .

Linux Command Line Tutorial | Learn Terminal Commands - Learn Online

Linux is a computer operating system free for development and distribution, both commercially and non-commercially. There are times when you may spend hours doing a repetitive task. A person who knows command line can write a script in 10 minutes and if he has to repeat it, can do it in a second. So what is Command Line and why is it so popular? Command line applications provide us with numerous benefits which cannot be achieved with any of the available GUI applications. One can create scripts to automate work, and can go so much deeper into the system and explore things that would generally be not possible with GUI. This course is designed for beginners who are new to this operating system and have never installed or operated Ubuntu Linux. People thinking about being a Linux system administrator or engineer can use this as the perfect place to start learning the basics from. This is not restricted for these people, anyone who wants to optimize their tasks and make them simpler using