Free online tool to convert jpg to webp image format online.

Free online tool to convert jpg to webp image format online. No upload, just select image in tool and click convert to webp button. Once converted, download button is enabled to download webp image.

Here is a sample code in JavaScript that you can use to convert a JPG image to the WebP format:

function convertJpgToWebp(jpgUrl, callback) { var image = new Image(); image.onload = function() { var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); canvas.width = image.naturalWidth; canvas.height = image.naturalHeight; canvas.getContext('2d').drawImage(image, 0, 0); var webpData = canvas.toDataURL('image/webp'); callback(webpData); }; image.src = jpgUrl; } convertJpgToWebp('', function(webpData) { console.log(webpData); // this is the WebP image data });

This code works by creating a canvas element, drawing the JPG image onto the canvas, and then using the canvas.toDataURL() method to convert the image data to the WebP format.

You can use this code as a starting point and modify it to fit your specific needs. For example, you can add a "Convert" button that the user can click to initiate the conversion, and a "Download" button to allow the user to download the resulting WebP image.

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