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XML Video Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress

Still, submitting a sitemap to search engines and especially to Google is the real way to get traffic back to your content from search engines like Google. The sitemap actually includes all of your site’s content in a single file which is very helpful for search robots to index the pages/post or links which they might have missed in the past. If you are using WordPress or blogger for blogging then it would be very easy for you to submit a sitemap to Google using your Webmaster Account. However, if you have videos on your site then you might miss them to be completely indexed by Google, because Google can’t recognize your video content without having “” metas. But the good news for you is; you can easily create a video sitemap of your videos by using a simple plugin in WordPress created by “Amit Agarwal”. This plugin actually does a very simple job and creates a sitemap for all videos embedded to your site from YouTube. After creating your sitemap, you can easily send it to Google using Webmaster Tools. Here is how to install and use this plugin.


How to Install and Use “XML Sitemap for Videos” Plugin?

The procedure of using this plugin is very easy, you can install and use this plugin very easily by following simple steps below:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard

  • Plugins >> Add New

  • Search for this “XML Sitemap for Videos”

  • Install the Plugin and Activate it

After installing the plugin, you’ll need to click the setting page of the plugin, so you’ll see following screenshot:

XML Sitemap for VideosIn above screenshot, you might see there is just a button says “Generate Video Sitemap” which is very easy to be clicked :), while if you want to include the duration of the videos as well then just tick the “Check Box” which says “Include Video length”, but this is not recommended if you have a large number of videos such as thousands of videos. Now just click the Generate Video sitemap and the sitemap will be generated within few seconds of time.

How to submit Video sitemap to Google?

When you generated the sitemap, use the exact method which you use to submit your normal sitemap to Google Webmaster tools, go to your webmaster account, and then to that site for which you have just created the Video sitemap, click add sitemap and paste the link of the video sitemap that you just created which should be looking like this “” the yoursite is actually your site :).

If you want to alternatively download this plugin from WordPress plugins directory then here is the link to do so:

After downloading the plugin, you must install it and activate it using your Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard.

OK, now as many of you know that WordPress is all game of Plugins and useful free resources, so I’ll tell you more about free and useful plugins in the future, so you can make your blog/site more SEO friendly and secure.

Bonus Tips: 

Here are some bonus plugins related to “XML sitemap for Videos” and which are “Images sitemap” and “Mobile Sitemap”, these two helpful plugins are also created by “Amit Agarwal” from India. I appreciate his efforts and recommend you to use these plugins for free of cost. Here are the links to download the plugins and use for creating Images and Mobile sitemaps easily:

So the more you use and implement new tools, the more you’ll grow and will be your business with WordPress.

Need Help???

If you need further help regarding these plugins or anything related to this post then kindly use comment form below to post your questions, I always love to reply to your questions and to solve your problems. Best Regards;


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