WordPress Complete Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

As you may know WordPress is a popular CMS system which is used by millions of web masters for creating self-hosted websites and blogs, this is the most popular and famous platform for creating websites and is built within PHP. You might also know that we recently moved from Blogger to WordPress due to a huge cruelty of blogger with us, they disabled our blog and marked as spam, however, our blog was not a spam blog at all. So therefore, You must learn WordPress in order to familiar with it and when your blog get popular on blogger then you can easily move to WordPress. I’ll update my WordPress tutorials in the future and also I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on WordPress, because now I’m fully playing with WP features. So here is a complete video course for you in Urdu and Hindi languages. You can watch this course to learn the basic principles of WP and later on you can go a little advance.

WordPres in Urdu

What features of WordPress are described in this course?

In below tutorials you will find a lot of stuff related to WP themes, plugins, widgets, pages, posts, comments and much more. You will need to play one of the videos from below playlist and then the another video  will start automatically because it is a playlist. I hope you will get ideas & help by watching these videos.

I hope after learning WordPress and establishing your website on WordPress you’ll say it as the most popular web platform, however, if you got any questions regarding this course or want to say something about this blog then use comment section to get my answers.

And hopefully you’ll share this post with all of your friends to let them know about free learning stuff. Stay Tuned!

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