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Video Tutorials for WordPress Website Security in Urdu & Hindi

As we have shifted this website from Blogger to WordPress recently and I already shared a tutorial which covered the Goods & weaknesses of both blogger and WordPress. Now this the time to tell you what to do when you fully want to own WordPress as your blogging platform. The first thing regarding this is to take the security issues of WP site very seriously. WP sites are self-hosted and that’s mean you’ll take the responsibility yourself, what you change, what you do and what you install, this is all your duties and responsibilities. You have full power to change anything inside your WP Dashboard or in your website’s Cpanel. To somehow overcome WP security issues, I’ve created some basic video tutorials which will guide you to secure your WP blog from being hacked.

wordpress security in urdu

Tips to Protect your blog from being Hacked on WordPress

The first thing you need to do is; to change your default Password and user name after WP installation. After installation just go to the users page and create a new user with any name you like, and also add a very very strong password, the password must be a combination of small & capital letters, numbers and special characters like [%@!!(){}^%&], this way you can make strong password.

First Learn: Complete WordPress Tutorials in Urdu

WordPress sites are mostly hacked by the hackers using your Password, they somehow get your password and then change anything they like inside your website. So the more stronger your password is, the more chances are there to protect your blog.

Now after having selected a strong password, you need to do something more in order to protect your blog from hackers. You’ll need to install some security plugins for making your site more secure.

List of the Security Plugins to be installed

  • Akismet (This prevent Spam comments)

  • Chap Secure Login (This encrypts your Password & secure your site)

  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (This adds a Confrim Check Box below comment form)

  • Wordfence Security (This is very important plugin, it blocks all the attacks on your site, adds extra security add-ones, protect password, and does many security tasks)

  • Login LockDown (This plugin prevent people who try to login to your WP dashboard)

  • Replace WP-Version (This replace your WP version with an old version, so hackers are hopeless to find the current version of your site)

So the above are the most important plugins that we use on this site and recommended for you to use. However, this is not the complete list of plugins or tips. We’ll timely share more tips on WP security.

Now watch these 3 video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi to understand above things in a more shining way:

WordPress Security Tips in Urdu Video #1

WordPress Security Tips in Urdu Video #2

WordPress Security Tips in Urdu Video #3

One Important thing is to be kept in mind that whenever you want to install a plugin in your WP site, make sure to click the “Details” button and check whether it is tested with the current version of your WordPress or not. If the plugin is not tested with current version of your WP then don’t install that, because sometimes it cause problem for your overall WP installation, and your site may be down.

Upcoming WordPress Security Tips

The above ones are the possible tips straight from your WP dashboard which you can do instantly, however, I’ll soon update you with more tips. And after doing this all, you’ll need to backup your WordPress site on regularly bases, so if something goes wrong, you can restore your site.

Stay Connected, share this post with all of your friends. And do comment below the post if you have any questions.


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