TOP 5 Plugins For WordPress - Crazy Plugins!

In this video, I explain the TOP 5 plugins for WordPress, which I use for nearly every single website I have. These plugins add fantastic extra features to your website.

Video Timeline

Introduction - 0:07
All in One SEO - 0:32
W3 Total Cache - 1:42
Akismet - 2:42
SumoMe - 3:32
Upgradplus - 5:15
1. All in One SEO Pack

If you are looking to get free traffic from the search engine then you must optimize your website. As hard it might sound, it's far from it! Especially, if you are using All one One SEO pack, which allows you to easily SEO each page in your site.

All in One SEO Plugin Page:

2. W3 Total Cache

Do you want a faster website? Then W3 Total Cache is exactly what you need! This plugin will cache in all the pages in your website. Next time someone goes to your website, they'll be able to see your pages faster.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Page:

3. Akismet

Comment spam is annoying and very time consuming to delete them all. Considering you'll probably receive tones each day. If you don't want to work as a slave then install Akismet. This plugin will resolve 99% of all your problems. You'll even forget comment spam even exists!

Akismet WordPress Plugin Page:

4. SumoMe

Another fantastic plugin, which will add a tone of great features. I know it's not 100% free, however, you still get plenty of options which doesn't cost a dime.

You can add nice looking social buttons, or highlighter sharing option to your content and far more...

SumoMe website:

5. UpdrafPlus

If you don't to risk losing all your website's content one day to another then Updrafplus will save your life. This plugin will automatically save all your important data. Whenever you need to recover your website, you can easily recover its files.

UpdraftPlus Plugin Page:

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TOP 5 WordPress Plugins - Best Free WP
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