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Top 5 Methods to Receive Online Payments in Pakistan

There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of new people coming into online business every single month from Pakistan. The same is happening around the world, but in developing countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the growth is more rapid because of the damaged economy and financial crises. Mostly, people try to find internet the only way they can make their life better with, and thus, everyone wants to either start blogging, freelancing, online business or anything on the internet to make money online. But the problem is; most of the people don’t know how to get their Payments from online companies/people when they do/complete a project. And this is one of the major concerns people share with me every single day. Therefore, I’ve decided to write on this issue and to provide you some available options/methods to receive your payments online and then somehow withdraw it either in Pakistan or in any part of the world. So carry on reading.

Top 5 Services to Receive Payments Online?

In this post, we are gonna discuss which services/methods you can use to receive your payment on the internet and then transfer to your bank or debit card. I’ll give you a list of top 5 services which you can use to receive your payments online, while there are many other methods out there which can also be used to receive your money. But the most famous are these 5 which I’m gonna share on this page.

Note: You must have a valid Bank Account, a Debit Card (Visa or Master), Mobile no and postal address in order to complete your registration and account over these websites/platforms I’m just going to share with you.


paypal online services

Paypal is without doubts the most secure and the most popular online transaction service, and the great thing is; Paypal is accepted by almost every merchant online. It supports more than 100 countries worldwide. You can easily receive, send and withdraw money if you are in a country which is supported by Paypal, but unfortunately, as a country Pakistan is not supported by Paypal, therefore, you can’t use it directly in Pakistan, but there are alternative ways to use it and one of those methods we’ve already published on this website here:

#2. Skrill/MoneyBookers

Skrill payment service

Skrill also called “moneybookers” is the second best method/service to receive/send/withdraw money/payments online from around the world. You just need to have a bank account, a debit card (usually your ATM Card) and a postal address on which you can receive any document send by Skrill. So if you have above facilities then you can easily use Skrill in Pakistan and by this method you can easily receive your money directly into your Bank account or your debit card. Skrill supports more than 150 countries around the world and thousands of online merchants. It is mostly used by overseas Pakistanis to send money to Pakistan. Here is the link to join:

#3. (AlertPay)

Payza transaction services

This is the third in my list, Payza formerly called “AlertPay” is also a well-known online service for transactions, sending money, receiving money and doing shopping online. To use Payza in Pakistan you can read one of our previous tutorials on this blog in which we’ve covered all the procedures from creating an account to withdrawing money. So you should read that in order to know more about it, here is the link to that tutorial:

  • How to withdraw Payza money in Pakistan


Webmoney online

WebMoney is another service you can use for receiving money online, you can also send money to your friends around the world as well as you can buy things on the internet using WebMoney. All you need to do is; having a bank account with Standard Chartered, UBL or Askari Bank, and you will also be having a debit card (usually visa ATM card), so you can create an account and start using WebMoney services, however, it is not supported by every merchant, but somehow you can use it for sending money and receiving money from around the world. Here is the link to join Webmoney:


PerfectMoney online

PerfectMoney is another solution for you, it also supports Pakistan as a country, while you can send money to anyone on the internet, can receive money from anyone online and moreover, you can shop online whenever you want. You’ll have to add your bank account, visa card and some other information in order to create an account and start receiving payments. Here is the link to Join:

Payoneer as a Bonus

If any of the above methods don’t suit you, then don’t worry, here is one more alternative for receiving money directly into your “MasterCard“, Payoneer is one of the online services which provides you a “MasterCard” and you can use that MasterCard to receive money from more than 900 companies on the internet. While it also provides you a US based bank account which you can use to collect funds from online companies and later on you can withdraw your money using your payoneer “MasterCard” from selected ATMs in Pakistan i.e Faysal Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank and Askari Bank. First you’ll have to create an account with Payoneer then you’ll have to wait upto 25 days to receive your Payoneer MasterCard and after receiving the card you can then receive money and withdraw money from selected ATMs in Pakistan. Here is the link to join Payoneer:

Important Note:

All of the above mentioned companies are free to join and they don’t take a single penny for creating an account, while whenever you send money to someone or receive money from someone, they will charge their normal transaction fee which may be vary by each service provider, while most of the time they charge you 1% to 3% fee depends upon the amount of the transaction.

Let us know your questions in the comment section, also mention more online services if you know, so our readers can get benefits from it. Thank you for reading this long post.


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