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Top 10 FREE Keyword Research Tools - Part 9

Top 10 FREE Keyword Research Tools?

Welcome to part tenth from this SEO tutorial. In this video, you'll discover 10 free ways to easily find plenty of amazing keywords for your website. This includes:

Video Timeline

Brainstorming: 0:50
Forums: 2:21
Blogs: 3:49
Youtube: 5:19
Google's Suggestions: 6:16

1 - Brainstorming

Not exactly a tool per se, however, you can use your brains to quickly create a good list of keywords.

In this case, ask yourself the following question, "How would you find your website on Google?" Or, what exactly would you write in Google's search box to find it?

Afterward, open a blank notepad and start writing each keyword you come up. You should make a list between 30 or more keywords.

2 - Niche Forums

Another great alternative to find keywords is to simply go to the forums within your niche.

Just read the posts other people are leaving there. You can grab their titles and use it as keywords for your website. You will many times find original ideas, which nobody ever thought about.

3 - Niche Blogs

This one is pretty similar as the one I mentioned above. Just check the blogs in your niche. You can many times steal other people's titles and use it for your own.

However, you don't want to simply copy and paste those titles. Instead, try to twist them a bit until they look different. The example I provide in the video is from You might want to check it out!

4 - Youtube

Just use Youtube's search box. When you type something in, you'll immediately see a list of keywords appearing.

You may find some gold gems that you may want to add to your keyword list.

5 - Google Search Engine

After you searched something on Google. Just go right below the SERP and check the keyword suggestion added here.
Any question you would like to ask me? Just leave in the comment section below, thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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