Submit Blogger sitemap to Google without any Generator

In order to increase your blog traffic from search engines, you must consider submitting a sitemap to Google. For blogger blogs. it is very easy to generate a sitemap and send it to Google webmaster tools. If you have just started a new blog with then work on it and after posting some great content submit its sitemap to Google for indexation of all of your pages and content. Don’t be late on this, because you don’t know how important sitemaps are for Google crawler. And submitting sitemaps is also the part of Off-page SEO.

If you have an old blog which is having a large number of posts/pages i.e more than 500 then you should generate multiple sitemaps for your blog and submit them to Google. Now just follow given steps below and instantly submit your blogger sitemap to Google in minutes. In this tutorial we won’t use any Google Sitemap Generator.

How to Submit Blog sitemap to Google?

In order to submit your Blog’s sitemap to Google first log-in to your Google webmaster account by using your Gmail id. In most cases, all Google accounts are associated with one Gmail ID including Blogger, Feedburner, Youtube, Google Plus etc.

After signing to your Webmaster account, click the blog you want to submit the sitemap to Google, and after clicking the blog you’ll see separate page for that blog, so at left side find the Optimization tab and under that click sitemaps, and now you’ll have to click the “Add/Test Sitemap” button at top right of the page. Now just add below piece of code to that and click submit:

For blogs having posts less than 500 submit this sitemap:

And for blogs having more than 500 posts you can submit multiple sitemaps like below:


So you can use this way to submit your blogger sitemaps to Google, without using any sitemap generator, because this is the default blogger sitemap style.

Let me know by commenting if you got any errors or difficulty while adding sitemap to Google, also share this post with your friends, so they can also get benefits of it.

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