SEO Nofollow & Dofollow Links in Urdu & Hindi

Here is a quick video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages for learning different sort of Links in SEO and especially the Nofollow links and Dofollow links. The tutorial will guide you practically about these links and you’ll come to know about how to use them properly in your website/blog. However, I’d guide you here about them a little bit.

What is a nofollow link?

A link becomes nofollow for search engines when the rel=nofollow HTML attribute is added to it, however, is something is not added then the link is by default dofollow. So when nofollow attribute is added, then the link is not followed by search engines’ robots. However, the anchor text inside the link is crawled and index by robots. Nofollow link doesn’t help in increasing Page Rank, though, Dofollow does.

What is a Dofollow link?

Each link is by default dofollow until the nofollow attribute is added, however, rel=dofollow attribute can also be added to links for making it sure that the link is a permanent dofollow link. Dofollow helps a lot in increasing page rank dramatically, but the condition is, if you have dofollow links for your site from higher ranking sites and relevant as well.

Now watch this video to understand it more clearly:

Other sort of Similar Attributes

  • NoIndex: this means to not index the content of the page

  • Index: means index each and everything

  • index,nofollow: means index the page but not follow the links inside the page

  • noindex,follow: means follow the links but do not index the page

  • noimage: this means do not index the images inside the page

  • Index,follow: this means that both the content and links should be followed and indexed

Also some kind of references which are used for different links:

  • Outbound links: These links are those links going to other sites from your site

  • Inbound links: these links are coming to your site

  • External Links: links which are going outside from your site

  • Internal Links: links which are to pages within your site

  • Backlinks: these are actually dofollow links which are given respect by search engines

So keep these points in mind while using the links in SEO, however, there are many other attributes as well. Which I can teach you in a later tutorial or post.

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