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SEO Keyword Research Tools in 2016

With the passage of time, Google has made it quite tough for the blogs to get ranked better. These days, so many rules and strategies have to be kept in mind including proper use of keywords, well-engaged content, domain name, marketing as well as appropriate 0n-page SEO. Without all these things, we can not even imagine of getting our blogs and websites ranked higher in the search engines. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is Keyword Research, and here I’m going to share top four Keyword Research Tools with you.


Top SEO Keyword Tools in 2016

To make the keyword research easier for the SEOs, plenty of free tools are available. What you have to do is to insert your desired keyword idea to get relevant suggestions with an automatic keyword research system. If you are a little confused of which SEO keyword research tools would be best and most appropriate, then here are some useful suggestions to consider while searching both short tail and long tail keywords.

1) Google Keyword Planner

I must say Google Keyword Planner is the most appropriate and extensively used keyword research tool all over the world. If I am not wrong then almost 70 to 80 percent website and blog owners make use of Google Keyword Planner to find their desired list of keywords. Another plus point of Keyword Planner is that it is free of cost. Along with the words and phrases, it also provides you the suggested list of short tail and long tail keywords on a global search basis. This tool is freely available inside Google Adwords, you just need to have a Gmail account in order to access this tool and use it for your keyword research. Please watch the video below in Urdu to make sure you can easily access and use this tool.


This tool has saved lives and time of SEOs. It’s a complete package for keyword research and for on-page optimization. I must say, this tool is a must to have tool in 2016 for everyone who is in the SEO market. I’ve explained this tool in my video tutorial below in Urdu, but here I’ll mention the top features this tool offers you for free, but they also have a full paid version which is useful if you are working for clients on a large scale.

You can use the following features of this tool for free:

  • Up to 10 keyword suggestions per month

  • One page optimization per month

  • Page optimization calculation

  • One project can be created for free


I must say that Keyword Planner and WebTextTool should be enough for keyword research for a normal guy like me and you, but if you are going more deep into keyword research, then is another option you can use for free which will give you a lot of suggestions for your given keyword. This tool has the ability to show you suggested keywords from,,,,, and many more. So you can easily pick a few suggestions which might not be in your mind while creating content.


The last option is just (optional). If you want to have more keyword ideas then will give you 750+ free suggestions after entering your desired keyword in their system which is explained in the video tutorial below in Urdu. You can even select a language and a local Google engine for a specific country in order to find more relevant and closer results.

You can also watch the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi to practically learn more about these tools which I’ve explained in the video tutorial below.

I hope this list of tools will solve your problem of doing keyword research in 2016, and you’ll make use of these free tools for your upcoming stuff. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask that in the comment section below.


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