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PHP PDO Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

If you are using the traditional mysql_connect or mysqli_connect method for database connection then it’s time to move either to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) or PDO (PHP Data Object). Upon requests by my web development students, I’ve taken time to create some video tutorials on PDO in Urdu/Hindi. In the near future, I’ll create more tutorials on web development and especially on PHP.


What’s PDO?

In simple words, PDO stands for PHP Data Object, and it’s an extension to formalise PHP’s database connections by creating a uniform interface. You can also say, it’s an Object included in the core libraries of PHP. PDO can be used to connect many database management servers such as SQL Lite, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

What are the advantages of PDO?

There are many advantages of using PDO in PHP applications. The main advantage is that, it reduces the work-flow, because it’s a built-in API. Another advantage is that, it prevents SQL injections. And finally, it’s very easy and helpful to use with OOP and other popular frameworks.

PHP PDO Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

In this video tutorials series, you’ll learn all the basic usage of PDO in PHP. You’ll learn creating database connection in PHP and then I’ll teach you the following database related tasks using PDO:

  • Selecting data from a table

  • Inserting data into a table

  • Updating data in a table

  • Deleting data from a table

And we’ll also take care of the error handling in PDO. Now for learning this all practically, you need to watch video tutorials below in Urdu/Hindi. This is a playlist from YouTube, you need to just play one video, and the next one will automatically start playing.

PDO Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

After watching the tutorials, I hope you’ve learned PDO which is very important for PHP projects. I’ll suggest you to use PDO in your future PHP applications, because MySQL_connect has already been removed from PHP, and mysqli_connect is no longer used by most of the web developers working today. So the remaining option is either OOP or PDO. If you liked this tutorial series then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Social Media. And if you have any question related to this post or anything related to this blog then don’t hesitate to post your comment using below comment box. I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Thanks for watching the lectures and Happy Web Development!


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