PHP OOP Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

If you are using procedural PHP for creating web applications then it’s time to move to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP. You should already have moved to OOP, but if not yet then it’s the best time for you to do so. Recently, I asked by many of readers to create a course on this subject, and finally I took time to create a complete course on this in Urdu/Hindi, which I’m sharing today on this page. I hope, you’ll learn something new from this.

oop in php

What’s PHP OOP?

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming which is not a new thing at all. OOP style programming has been existing for decades in all programming languages such as C++ and Java, it’s also used in JavaScript which is a client side scripting language. But it was not available in PHP until version 5.0. Now, PHP fully supports Object Oriented Programming, and has all the features to handle it. OOP is based on Objects, in PHP we create classes to store information which can be anything such as variables or functions, and then we create objects of those classes and get the information from there. That’s what you’ll learn in this video tutorials series.

What You Should Already Know?

As I mentioned in the start, you should move to PHP OOP, that means you should have a basic understanding of PHP before moving to OOP, this will help you a lot in understanding the transition from procedural PHP to OOP style. However, if you don’t have any prior knowledge of PHP then still this course can help you. Now you can watch the playlist of PHP OOP tutorials below to start learning this beautiful programming approach in PHP.

PHP OOP Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

If you like this tutorials series then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. And I’ll also share tutorials related to PDO, Magic Methods in PHP and frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel in the upcoming days. If you have any question then you can ask in the comment section.

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