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PHP & MySQLi 2015 Updated Training in Urdu/Hindi

In the IT (Information Technology), things get changed more speedily then our expectations, there were times when we used to play with Windows XP, but today’s generation is playing with Windows 10 and android on their mobile phones. Same happened to PHP & MySQL, there was a time when PHP 4.0 version was ok with simple MySQL, but today you can not go ahead without learning PHP 5.5 and MySQLi or OOP (Object Oriented Programming in PHP), but at least you have to learn PHP 5.0 & MySQLi in order to work in the market. Earlier, I had created several video courses on the topic (Web Development), which includes a complete PHP & MySQL course in 2012, then a complete new PHP & MySQL tutorials series in 2013 which was a paid course, but since things have been changed  & updated, therefore, I thought to create a new course on this topic which can be according to the latest market value. Yes, and here we go, the complete new course for 2015 including the OOP concept in PHP, I’ve improved the techniques while creating & teaching this course, and you’ll see more insights while watching this new course on this page.


What will the new course cover?

This is a new but comprehensive course which will teach you about PHP & MySQLi in a professional way with several small projects and many important features in PHP, I’ve also explained about OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in PHP but that’s just at the end in a single lecture. However, I’ll create a complete course only covering OOP in near future, but this course will teach you the following aspects:

  • Introduction to PHP & MySQLi

  • Basic PHP Tutorials (22 Lectures)

  • Basic MySQLi Tutorials (10 Lectures)

  • Creating a Calculator (2 Lectures)

  • Creating a Currency Converter (2 Lectures)

  • Creating a Registration Form (13 Lectures) + All security & parameters explained.

  • Creating Online Voting System (4 Lectures)

  • Introduction to OOP in PHP

  • Uploading Projects to Online Web Sever


PHP & MySQLi New Video Tutorials

As I already mentioned that this is a paid course, but I’ll share some of the videos with you so you can give me your feedback over this new course, since I’m also going to create a new SEO course & WordPress course according to 2015 within next few days. Below are the free video tutorials you can watch and can learn something new out of the box, the more you learn, the more it’s better and of course we’ll teach you more and more. And keep in mind that below videos are hosted on YouTube, so make sure you open YouTube to watch the video playlist below. :)

Video Tutorials Playlist

After watching this new series of video tutorials, please let us know in the comments about the quality and improvements of this new course, because we are trying select the best instructors & create high quality courses for you in near future. Our first priority is our local customers who have been buying our courses since 2012, and we are now creating more valuable content for them. This blog will remain free resource for everyone, and we’ll share some really great free stuff with you guys with next few days. Stay connected & do share this course with everyone in your circle. See you soon!.


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