P3 Plugin Performance Profiler Tutorial - Drastically Improve Upload Speed P7

Drastically Increase Page Load Speed Using P3 Plugin Performance Profiler!

One of the aspects which delays your website more than you think are the plugins you have install. Typically the more plugins are using the more sluggish your website runs.

In this video, I talk about a plugin called, "Plugin Performance Profiler". This plugin allows you to see easily see the amount of time each plugin in your website takes to upload.

This way you can quickly analyse the ones you may want to remove so you can boost your site's performance.


How to Install P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

Step 1 - Go to WordPress back office
Step 2 - Under plugins click on add new
Step 3 - In the search box write, "P3"
Step 4 - On the listing search for P3 then install and activate it.
Step 5 - Now you should seek on the plugin listing for P3
Step 6 - Press Scan now
Step 7 - On P3 press to scan automatically and wait until it has scanned everything.
Step 8 - Based on the information provided on the graph analyse which plugin you may want to remove.

If you have any question please leave in the section below, thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!
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Drastically Increase Page Load Speed Using P3 Plugin Performance Profile - http://youtu.be/4dFG054BYbw

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