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New HTML5 & CSS3 Advance Website Layout in Urdu & Hindi

Here at, we mostly focus on web development, web designing, SEO and Making money online tips. And having these major subjects in mind, we always try to create some practical projects in the mentioned subjects so that you can idea for your career or future. And thus, we’re coming up with another beautiful CSS3 and HTML5 website layout. We would like to acknowledge you that we already shared some basic website layouts in CSS & HTML, but as time passed we also learn new things. And our first priority is always that we share the new thing first of all with you. We can’t resist to share the new tips that we learn ourselves and this is because you love us and we understand that.

The Layout Looks like this

HTML website layout

HTML5 & CSS3 New Layout Features

The new layout that I’ve just created to share with you is a two column design which is having a full size header, a post body, a sidebar and a footer. It also has a simple navigation bar. But the most important things are; we have first time included CSS3 @Media quires to make the site mobile friendly. Also we uploaded the layout to online web server after completing it offline. So all you can learn to create and upload an HTML+CSS website.

The Source code will also be available to you for free downloading below the video tutorials. And one more thing is that the below video tutorial is not a single tutorial, it is a Playlist of 8 video tutorials which are hosted on YouTube. So I’ve made it simple to watch all videos at once. Just play one video and the another one will play automatically.

Remember, Always practice on each lesson, so you can learn things more faster. Now watch below videos to learn this Layout in Urdu & Hind. And don’t forget to share this with all of your friends and also don’t forget to download the source code below the tutorials.

We’ve given you the video tutorials, the examples of the project and whatever we could do for you in order to create a simple and nice HTML5 and CSS3 website layout with our help, we hope you’ve learned it and have created your own.

If you got any questions then let us know by using below comment form, we’ll be glad to hear your voice and reply you back.


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