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Joomla Training Course video In Urdu/Hindi

Joomla Training Course video In Urdu/Hindi.Joomla Press is a platform that is employed to publication website. it’s free and open Source Content Management System (CMS). it’s written in PHP internet programming language. it’s Very just like wordpress. In joomla we will build web site simply. you’ll Download joomla software and may get user guide from

Joomla–>Lecture 1 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 2 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 3 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 5 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 6 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 7 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 8 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 9 joomla urdu Training by Ayubkhan143

Joomla–>Lecture 10 joomla urdu Training

Joomla–>Lecture 11 joomla urdu Training


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