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JavaScript & jQuery Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

JavaScript is one of the greatest and powerful client side scripting language which is used massively these days in web applications. Whether you want to create an HTML+CSS site or you want to create a dynamic site using PHP, all you’ll need to use JavaScript in some or many parts of your projects. JavaScript does many jobs which other languages including PHP & ASP even can’t do. This language changes your static site to a dynamic site within milliseconds using few line of codes. We’ll be sharing a series of video tutorials with you to learn JS & jQuery from scratch. However, you can wait for our upcoming advance tutorials on this subject, where we’ll be able to push you towards some projects.

javaScript & jQuery in Urdu

I earlier published a basic course of JavaScript in Urdu and that includes only the basic concepts. However, today I’ve a complete new improved JS course for you, in which you’ll learn many more things. Along with JS I’ve also including its library jQuery and the DOM (Document Object Model). So you’ll come to know about the most important working components of JS. You’ll also come to know about other similar languages to JS. The BOM (Browser Object Model) is also included int his course.

What does really JavaScript & jQuery do?

javascript can validate HTML forms before they are submitted to a web server(it saves extra server requests), JavaScript can be used to react on a page when a visitor clicks an HTML element, when a visitor enters to a page, when a visitor leaves a page and so on. JavaScript can also be used to save visitors’ information in your server, it can detect the visitor’s information such as the IP address, the browser, the location etc. In JS we can create pop up boxes and pop up windows. There are many things more we can do using JS.

While jQuery is very beautiful library of JS, which is used to do the big tasks with less codes, you can create image sliders using jQuery, you can create image galleries in jquery, you can make video galleries in jQuery and there are many things you can do using jQuery.

Video Tutorials for learning JavaScript & jQuery

Here is the complete course of JavaScript which contains more than 30 videos and more videos will be added in coming days. This is a playlist of videos straight from my YouTube channel, so you can watch all the videos by playing only the first one. This course is with full sorting, so you can watch the videos in order.

So having watched these videos, I hope you’ve learnt something advance in JavaScript, however, jQuery course is not fully included in this playlist, and that will be separately shared on this blog in a complete playlist within few days.

JavaScript is very necessary to learn in order to work with complex web development projects and especially in mobile applications. However, JavaScript;s library jQuery is more important than JS, because that has very nice short codes for calling complex JavaScript’s functions. We’ll learn jQuery as well soon.

I’ll also teach you AJAX in my upcoming video tutorials, because that’s also very necessary for creating mega websites such as Facebook & Google.

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