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How to Use a Smart Object to Create an Ad in Photoshop

Today's episode is full of tips and tricks as we show you how to use a smart object to create an ad in Photoshop! We'll be taking an image, making it into a smart object and then placing it over an iPad. This technique would work great for anyone who wants to create a mockup and see what it'd look like in real space.


We start off by gathering our source materials. We move our images over into the same document. While examining our images we find out how much work we'll actually have to do. We know we want our image to fit into the iPad screen seamlessly. That means we need to match the angle, blur, and characteristics that already exist with the iPad screen. There is a bit of glare and fingerprints we'd like to include.


Smart Objects can be really powerful when used correctly. In order to turn your image into a smart object, simply right click and go to "Convert to Smart Object." The great thing about Smart Objects is that you can transform the image all you want and it won't effect the original image. This method comes in handy because now we can transform our image to fit into our iPad screen perfectly. After stretching and rotating our image, it's time to do some final adjustments.


Now it's time for us to create a blur. Because we have already created a Smart Object, our blur is a Smart Filter. This is amazing because we can change the blur after the fact. So you can go into the image anytime and edit your Smart Filter.


To finish everything off, we add fingerprints by selecting a Color Range. We sample the color in the fingerprinted areas, we throw a layer mask on top, then we paint on top of our image so the fingerprints show up. We lower our Opacity and viola! To finish up, we add some text alongside our image and we are good to go!


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