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How to Upload HTML website to Online Server in Urdu

Few days back, we learnt creating a complete website layout by using HTML and CSS. And Thus today, we are going to upload that site to our online web server. Video tutorial below in Urdu will help you better understanding of FileZilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software and the Cpanel along with the basic knowledge of web hosting. We had been learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other web designing tools on this blog. Now it is time to take a step ahead and learn uploading websites to web server. So here is a complete tutorial in Urdu language where you will come to know about the procedure.

FileZilla FTP in Urdu

Uploading Local site to Online Web Server

This is a very simple and complete video tutorial in Urdu language, by watching this video you will learn how to upload a website to online web server by using FileZilla software FileZilla is one of the most prominent software mostly used for this purpose. It is super easy to use.

How to Download & Use FileZilla

You can just write “FileZilla Downlaod” on Google and hit search, so the downloading link will appear, just click that and download the windows/installer version, after downloading just install it, it takes few seconds to install on your local computer. When it is installed, an icon is created on your desktop, Now you can use it as your FTP client. Just open it and enter your domain name “”, the user name for your cpanel and the password of your cpanel. It will connect your computer to the website. Now you can easily copy your files and paste to your online web server.

Now here is the video tutorial for learning this thing practically in Urdu:

By watching the video, I hope you’ll understand it and learn it. However, sharing this post with your friends is must in order spread our knowledge with others.

However, if you have got any questions either related to this post or something you want to say about this blog then don’t hesitate to give us your precious feedback in shape of comments using below comment form, we’ll be glad to answer your questions and appreciate your feedback in this regard. Always be positive and do your best whatever you want to do in your life.


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