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How to Setup W3 Total Cache for WordPress - Part 6

How to Setup W3 Total Cache for WordPress?

Welcome to sixth part from this SEO tutorial. During this next few videos, you'll learn how to use several WordPress Plugins that will boost your website uploading speed.

Today, we will talk about W3 Total Cache. This plugin you can use it for free or the premium option which comes with extra features.


What's W3 Total Cache?

Let's talk about cache for a moment. This is a temporary memory which the server or client or both sides may have and it makes a website run faster.

For instance, when you go to a website for the first time it takes longer to appear on your computer's screen.

The reason is you need to obtain the website's data from their server. However, if the website has this plugin installed, a part of that information is either stored on your computer or server.

The next time you go to the same website it won't take so long since you no longer need to obtain its data from their source. Instead from your computer or server cache.

W3 Total Cache is possibly one of the best caching plugins out there! They provide a huge amount of feature to greatly enhance the performance of your website.

In this video, I explain several of the options I commonly choose for all of my websites. I recommend for you to use the following website ...

Gtmetrix allows you to easily analyse your improvements and what you still can better.

Video List:
1. What is SEO and How It Works:
2. What Does Google Want in a Website:
3. What Affects Your Rankings On Google:
4. What is Link Juice, No Follow Links:
5.How to Install Cloudflare and Speed Up Your Website:
How to Setup W3 Total Cache for WordPress -

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