How to Remove Stretch Marks in Photoshop

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In today's episode, we show you how to remove stretch marks in Photoshop.

Getting Started

Stretch marks are just a part of life. You might have a client who requests you to remove their stretch marks. If that's the case, you've found the perfect tutorial for the job. Join us as we match skin tones, targeting red areas of the photo matching the color of the skin your desired tone. We also use the Healing Brush tool to duplicate the textures of other areas of the skin and applied it over where the stretch marks were.


We start off by using our Hue/Saturation. We bump up the Saturation a bit which helps us target the specific areas that we want to change. We use our bottom sliders really narrow down the area we want to adjust. We use the Hue to get the color to match the rest of the belly. This helps us target the specific reds from the stretch marks. The awesome thing is that we don't effect the rest of the image while adjusting these colors.

Healing Brush Tool

We chose the regular Healing Brush Tool over the Spot Healing Brush Tool because the Spot Healing Brush will choose the sample point for you. We didn't want the Spot Healing Brush Tool to sample a different stretch mark from the image. So with the Healing Brush Tool, we go over the areas where we see stretch marks. We paint in the direction of the stretch mark, grabbing parts of the image with good skin and covering up the stretch marks.


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