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How to Install WordPress on Localhost (Urdu/Hindi)

If you want to learn about installing WordPress on Localhost then this tutorial is for you. A long ago, some readers requested me to share video tutorials regarding this and I did it during creation of my new course “WordPress Training in Urdu/Hindi“. However, this is not something difficult to do for users who are familiar with WP, but this tutorial is specifically for newbies who don’t have an online server but still they want to learn WordPress, so in this case, there is localhost which can be used to practice WordPress on your local computer. For other users, I’ll suggest to watch following Urdu tutorials which will help you improving your overall WordPress experience:

Now let’s have a look at the procedure to install WordPress on localhost without any hassle.


How to Download & Install XAMPP?

In order to install WP on your localhost, you first need to understand the localhost itself, Localhost is formally known as your local computer which can play a role of online server if you create a web development environment by installing XAMPP software which is the combination of PHP, MySQLi, Apache, FileZilla and many other applications and this make your computer as localhost, after you install XAMPP, Your computer is able to execute any PHP script without having an online web server, and it’s free to use. So first of all go to link given below and download the XAMPP setup.

You should be downloading the latest version of XAMPP from above link, after downloading the package, just install it, after the installation, go to your local drive C: if you are using windows, and find a folder called “XAMPP“, in this folder, you’ll see a sub-folder “htdocs” which is basically the root folder for saving/storing your folders/files.

How to Download & Install WordPress?

Now after you’ve successfully installed XAMPP, it’s time to download WordPress CMS and install it on your localhost, because your computer has already become a localhost which now can run WP & other PHP scripts. Go to the following link and download the WordPress from its official website:

  • Go to:

You’ll download the software in ZIP file, so first extract it and then put the extracted folder into “htdocs” inside “XAMPP” in your C:Drive, rename the downloaded file to “wordpress“. Now you are ready to install WordPress, just open any of your favorite browser and write this:

  • localhost/wordpress

You’ll see the WP setup is read to be installed on your localhost, but before that go to the databases section in XAMPP and create a new database for the installation, you can just write: localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser, and it will take you to the database management system, where you can easily create a database for this new WP installation.

Now, watch the video tutorials below to understand this process practically in Urdu/Hindi so that you can learn more.

Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

After watching the videos, I’m sure, you’ve easily learned this all process, and if you have any questions about this tutorial then you can ask using below comment form.


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