How to Install Facebook Box Plugin For WordPress 2016

Learn 2 different ways to add Facebook social plugin to WordPress in this video. This plugin will include a nice Facebook like box into your website sidebar.

Your visitors will be able to easily see your Facebook news feed but also like or share your fan page.

I also decided to include two alternative installation options. If for some reason, you're having problems using the code provided by Facebook then try option number two.

Where I explain how to install a WordPress plugin, which will not only do exactly the same but offer far more customization features.

1 - How to Manually Setup Facebook Plugin For WordPress?

Step 1 - Go to Facebook developers' web page here:

Step 2 - Copy and paste your fan page URL into the required field

Step 3 - Click on, "Get Code"

Step 4 - Grab the code appearing in part 2 and paste it in header.php file under the body section as shown in the video.

Step 5 - Grab the code presented in part 3 in the Facebook page. Now place this coding in the sidebar widget section of your website. Use a text widget for this purpose.

2 - How to Add a Facebook Social Plugin To WordPress?

If you'd like to have extra features, or the first option isn't working well then install this plugin, "Custom Facebook Feed".

You will be able to customize your social like box any way you want by simply going to the settings section of this plugin.

Afterward, just insert the special code provided in the widget section of your preference, easy peasy!

Custom Facebook Feed Plugin Page:
Get Social with Me:


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