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How to Create a WordPress Blog P2 - Step by Step for Beginners

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Welcome back to part number two of this video course where I explain in detail how to create a WordPress blog.

In this part you will learn to further professionalize your website so you can be extremely successful! Let's see in more detail what I am talking about:


1. How to Create a Favicon?

A favicon is a nice little icon that you create to appear on the tab section of your browser. If you look at the very top of your browse where your windows are opened, you can see a small icon belonging to Youtube.

In this video, I explain how you can do this using Photoshop. You can also find free favicon on the Internet if you aren't interested in doing it.


2. How to Add a Custom Menu?

If you look at the navigation bar from your website, you will see that you don't have any links appearing this is because you need to create a custom menu.

For this, you need to go to your WordPress back-office and search under the "Appearance" section for "Menus." Once you click on this option, you will be able to create a menu with the pages you want by following the instructions given to you throughout thiis video


3. Why Should You Use Post Categories?

Another great feature posts have compared to normal pages is that you can use categories for them. Using categories is a great way for you to immediately start organizing your website's posts by topics.

Imagine, your website is about cooking. You could create a category for each type of recipes for instance:

- Meat Dishes: Where all the posts related to meat dishes appear.
- Fish Dishes
- Desserts

Also you could later create a sub-categories for each. This way your visitors can easily seek all the recipes belonging to a specific category. Furthermore, you can more easily find the content you want.


4. Updrafplus Plugin

This plugin allows you to automatically backup your WordPress website. A great way for you to keep yourself safe in case anything bad happens. Typically, most people think the problems only happens to others, until one day it knocks at their door.

However, a number of problems may happen along your journey as a webmaster, such as:

- Someone hacking your website
- Web-host servers getting destroyed
- etc...

Therefore, as I commonly say, "It's better safe than sorry."


5. Wp Super Cache

A plugin that caches your WordPress website. A great way for you to speed up your website for your visitors.

When they go to your website for the second time, they won't need to access the Internet again to get all the information.

Instead, it will get all the data stored in their computer's memory cache turning their experience quicker!


If you have any question please make sure to leave in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe so you can receive our latest videos.

Thanks for watching and Stay Tune with Prositetutorials!

How to Create a WordPress Blog P2:

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