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How to Create a Forum website in Urdu & Hindi?

It was just few days ago, I published a tutorial in urdu & Hindi about creating a social network site using your Cpanel, now in this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a forum website using your Control Panel (Cpanel) which is provided to you by the web hosting company. What you need to actually do is; just purchase a domain name and a simple web hosting from a hosting provider, it will just cost yo $15 or $20, and you can purchase this thing from me as well. And by purchasing a hosting & domain name, you are provided a Cpanel for using & managing your website. So that Cpanel is a great place for you to test & implement new things. There you can find a software called “Fantastico” or “Softcalous” which is actually an auto installer software, and you can install any kind of script using that tool. That is available to you in your Cpanel.

forum website

So using your Cpanel, you can create an E-commerce website with powerful CMS scrips such as ZendCart, PhpCake, OpenCart and etc. Also you can create social network site, and similarly like that you can create your own forum website. Where people will be able to create new threads, participate in discussions, send messages to each other and more tasks.

If you want to manually create a custom forum website then that would take very much of your time, and also you’ll have to spend a lot of money, but still if you want to make a forum site in minutes, you are welcome to watch below video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi languages.

Here is the video tutorial for creating a forum website within few minutes by using your Cpanel:

This video is practically showing you the procedure of creating a forum website in Urdu & Hindi, so having watched the video tutorial, I don’t think you’d face any difficulty. Just keep in mind that for creating a forum website you’ll need to buy a domain name and web hosting.

Comments & questions are welcomed, and I always reply to each comment on this blog. Take Care!


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