How to Add Beautiful Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress?

Adding Beautiful Social Buttons to WordPress sites used to become a headache sometimes, because you couldn’t find a good solution for it according to your requirements, but this time I’ve brought you a great WordPress plugin “ShareaHolic” which you can use to add beautiful social sharing buttons as well as relevant content with thumbnails, this plugin lets your readers share the content to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest etc. However, it can also display the relevant stories at the bottom of the page up to six. Furthermore, it’s important to add social sharing buttons because the more your content is shared, the more it’s better for search engine optimization and traffic generation. People will only share your content when it’s easier for them to find the social sharing links around your content, and that’s what I’m telling you in a video tutorial below.

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How to Add Beautiful Social Sharing buttons?

This tutorial is for WordPress users, and if you are a WP user then simply go to and search for this plugin name “Shareaholic”, you’ll find it there and simply download it to your local computer, after that, just go to your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New Plugin” at left side bottom, then upload that plugin to WordPress and click install.

After you install this plugin, you’ll see a preview of this as showing in below picture:


Alternatively and more feasibly you can directly install this plugin using your WordPress dashboard. Just follow the steps given below, this is a very easy to do thing:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search

  • Write the name of the Plugin “Shareaholic

  • Click “Install Now”

  • After the installation just make it’s setting

  • Done!

If you still have not understood what I’m going to tell you then do not worry, because here I have a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi which will clearly and practically teach you what to do, so please watch the video and implement this plugin if you like it for your WordPress websites.

Video tutorial in Urdu to add Shareaholic

After watching the video, you can simply add the social buttons to your WordPress site using this great and easy to use plugin, however, you can add any plugin to your WP website by going to but make sure to use only those plugins which have good ratings and more importantly that plugin is compatible with latest version of WordPress.

Now, after all, if you have any question or suggestion then you are welcome to use below comment form to post your question, we’ll be glad to hear your voice and reply you ASAP.

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