Google Analytic Tool Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Google Analytic is a web tool which is the best for tracking and monitoring website traffic and other incoming and outgoing data. It is absolutely free for web masters and anyone can use it for their website or blog. I have come across a lots of web tools similar to Analytic but I found Analytic 100% accurate among them. So that’s why, I was thinking to make a complete tutorial on this topic in Urdu language. Because many people don’t know the proper usage of Google Analytic tools. I have created playlist of videos which can be watched to learn all about Analytic tools. I am using this awesome tool and it is recommended to you too.

Key Features of Google Analytic Tool

There are many features in this tool, but You can know about your website/blog’s daily exact traffic figures i.e visits, page views, bounce rate and the visitors time duration on site. You will see deep insights about your website while using this great tool. A new feature has also been added recently which shows you the REAL TIME data; same like a web counter. You are everywhere asked on the web to show your Google Analytic status if you want to sale your website or want to attract advertisers etc.

Learn Google Analytic in Urdu & Hindi

Here is a playlist of video tutorials in Urdu about Google Analytic tool, you can watch it to learn Google Analytic completely in Urdu language. You should play one video and the another video will play automatically because this is not a single video, this is a playlist of videos. In my coming posts, I am going to publish complete video training of Google Web Master Tools same like this. Because Google Web Master tools is also a great tool and very necessary for driving traffic to your blog or website.

So what do you think of this course? if you have learned something from this course then sharing this post with your friends is a must giving favor in return. And have a nice day friends, ask comments if you have questions.

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