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Effective Tips to Sell your GIGs on easily! is one of the marketplaces growing every single day, and freelancers are taking advantages of it as much as they can. At fiverr you can offer any of your services for only $5, but that $5 is something bigger sometimes than your expectations. This website was launched just a few years ago in 2010. And so far, it has reached more than 1.3 millions services that are offered by thousands of freelancers. And millions of buyers have paid for the services offered on over the last 4 years.

In my opinion, every single person on the earth can take benefit of this great marketplace, because it’s super easy to use and very simple to understand. There has never ever been more simpler platform than this one for buyers and sellers. The services starts from 5$ sometimes reaches at $500, but you need to understand the mechanism and the idea behind this platform. Let me explain you each and everything about it.


Note: video tutorial series on in Urdu will be soon uploaded and will be published on this blog.

What’s is a marketplace where people (usually freelancers) can offer any service starting from $5 dollars, and the rest of the world will buy that service if they are interested in it. These services are called “GIGs” in fiverr’s language :-) . anyone can offer any kind of service i.e video creation, logo designing, web designing, web development, filming, SEO, writing, selling tools, offering consultancy, modeling. Here are the simple steps how fiverr works?

  • 1. A person (seller) offers a service (GIG) starts from $5

  • 2. Another person (buyer) orders that (GIG) at $5 – charges him $5 (via Paypal or Payoneer Credit Card)

  • 3. The seller is informed to complete the task in the given time ($5 is held by fiverr until the work is done)

  • 4. The seller complete the work & delivers it to the buyer

  • 5. The $5 which is held by fiverr is sent to the seller (some charges are taken by

That’s a very simple and clear procedure to sell services online with However, let me tell you more about it.

How to get started with

Joining fiverr is free and will always be, just go to and create your profile, you need to just take few steps to create an account there, You can even use Facebook to log-in-to fiverr. After creating your account you can instantly start offering your services starting from $5 and the next day you’ll get receive orders if your services are worth buying.

How to create an attractive Profile on

While you start thinking to be successful on, you must look at each and everything, because without doing hard work and wise brain, you can’t find free eggs anywhere.  The first important thing you’ll need to create a professional looking user profile, in this regard, you can check out the already successful freelancers’ profiles on fiverr, they will have “Top Rated Seller” or “Level 2 Seller” slogans in their profiles. In a few words (150 to 300) describe yourself that what you can do on fiverr and what’s your ability to do more. You can simply write how passionate you are about your work.

How to create a GiG that get sold?

Now the most important part is to create a GIG on which is basically that service which you want to offer on Fiverr and make money online. First just make sure you have the ability to do that work and then offer it on fiverr. GIGs are mostly sold on when they are looking professional and having something that gets everyone’s attention at the first look, here are some killer tips which you can use to sell your GiG very faster:

  • First click on creating a new GIG at

  • After you click the creating a new GiG you’ll see this screen


Now you must fill the information for the GiG very effectively and accurately, here are the things to do:

  • Give an attractive Title to the “GiG” so it attracts people in the first impression

  • Select a category to which your gig is relating and then select sub-category accordingly

  • Add a picture that is created by you in Photoshop and describes the service clearly which you are offering in this gig

  • Add a description between 300 to 600 characters which effectively describes your gig – add extra information that you’d like to provide if someone buys your gig, if this is your first gig then offer one gig for free.

  • Add few tags upto 5 to the gig you are offering, tags are very important, so use the relevant & useful tags

  • In last add some instructions to the buyer, i.e what you’ll need to deliver the work if someone buys your gig

The above information is filled out in the GiG form, after you finish it then just click “Save & continue”, the next page will be asking you to add a video, so if you add a video that will increase 200% more chances for the gig to be sold. Just create a 20 seconds video describing the gig if you can.

The next page will be asking you the publish the gig, just click publish and it will be published in a few moments, after the publishing the gig, do share it on all of your social network profiles, so instantly people can visit it and can buy it.

How can you get more orders on fiverr?

When you offer one gig on, that can be bought by any person after it get published, it may be sold thousands of times, so imagine if you offer a great gig which get 60 orders in a month then you’ll earn 60*$5 = $300 from a single gig which is not a big task, and there are people who even get more than 100 orders for a single gig. You can get more orders if you offer a unique service which is in fact worth more than $50, but you offer it only in $5, and when people started buying your gig, will automatitally promote your gig to more buyers. So the orders will be increased automatically.

How can you be the best seller on Fiverr? has a very good procedure to increase user/seller levels, when you start work at for the first time, you are the basic user/seller at starting, but after you create a gig or some gigs and get 10 orders, you are automatically promoted to “Level 1 seller”, and when you have completed 50 orders on time then you are automatically promoted to “Level 2 Seller”, and after you complete more than 100 ordres, you are then promoted by’s experts to the “Top Rated Seller” which is the final medal for you.

What are the benefits to be top seller on fiverr?

There are many new adventures for you as a seller when you get promoted to top levels on fiverr, the first benefit is that your gigs are automatically promoted by on the home page, and also your gigs are included in the search results when someone do search for a specifc gig. So this way you get more orders more quickly.

The second benefit is that you get more trust from, people easily buy your gigs without worrying that you’ll not complete the task on time, because you’ve already gained a good reputation to become a “Level 2” seller or “Top rated seller”. The more rating you get from the customers, the more you are trustable for others.

And the last benefit of being a “level 2 seller” or “Top rated seller” is that you get access to more tools on and can increase your services by adding extra gigs in the bottom of every gig you offer on fiverr. So if you were earning $500 a month before you became “top seller” then you’d earn $1500 a month for sure.

Moreover, if you are a top seller or at level 2 then you’ll get personalized support from’s experts who will send you special tips via email to be more successful on fiverr. :)

I can guess this is more effective platform than or, because there is no special requirements to join this marketplace, you can start work as 1,2,3 within few minutes. And you can earn upto $5000 monthly from if you can create at least 50 professional gigs and more than 3 profiles.

Join Now!

Let me know if you have further questions related to and keep remember that video tutorials series in Urdu will be soon published at within few days. Sharing this post on social media is also your love to show. Thanks


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