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Dreamweaver CS5 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Dreamweaver CS5 is the most used desktop application/software for creating any kind of website using HTMl/CSS and PHP/ASP. This is all in one offline software which you can use to develop website templates/layouts just by clicking using the simple GUI (General User Interface). Many of our readers recently requested us to create a complete course on Dreamweaver CS5 in Urdu/Hindi and this I’m here with the complete course. This is a basic to advance course which will teach you the fundamentals and practical working environment of Dreamweaver CS5. I’ll also teach you creating simple web layouts using this great software.

dreamweaver in urdu

What’s inside the course (Outline)

As I said, You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of DW in this course, However, I’ll assure you that you’ll learn some advance techniques to create your very own website using Dreamweaver. We’ll learn creating a website layout in CSS/HTML but using DW. So here are a few points/aspect which you’ll learn after taking this complete course in DVD:

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5

  • Basic Learning Points – Tools/Menus etc (Many Lectures)

  • Using CSS/HTML in Dreamweaver

  • Using JavaScript/PHP in Dreamweaver

  • Creating a website from samples in DW

  • Creating a website layout using HTML tables

  • Creating a website layout using HTML DIV tags

  • Editing existing HTML Templates

  • Creating CSS/JQuery Menus

  • Uploading Websites to Online Server

Dreamweaver CS5 Video Tutorials

Now, after you know what you’re going to learn, here is the playlist of video tutorials and remember, this is 30% of the total course, so after watching these example videos, you can decide whether to buy the course or not. This is a playlist of video tutorials, and you can watch all the lectures using this simple playlist, but the videos are hosted on YouTube, so in order to watch the videos you must open YouTube, if you can’t access YouTube then simply add ZenMate an extension for your Chrome browser which will allow you to open any website which might be blocked in your country or territory. After you add the extension, you’ll see this playlist and can watch the videos.

So after watching all of the above tutorials, you can decide what to do next, you can think of complete course in DVD which will give you a door to learn web designing. As you know for learning web designing, it’s very necessary to learn all the relevant languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and Dreamweaver CS5, and we have these all for you at one place.


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