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Codeigniter Framework Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Last time I shared PHP OOP Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi and now I’ll share Codeigniter Framework tutorials. Codeiginer is one of the popular PHP frameworks which is mandatory for every web developer who wants to work somewhere in a software house or wants to work professionally in the field of web development. These tutorials are created by Rahul Makhija, and he has coordinated with us to share his tutorials on this blog.


What’s a Framework?

A framework is a set up of functionality which is available to the developer for leveraging his/her web development tasks, A framework makes the web developer’s job easier by giving him ready made functions and methods to use in his/her projects. It also reduces the work flow and makes the application faster and safer. There are many frameworks available in the market, and most of them are free to use with open source approach.

What’s Codeigniter?

PHP is a popular server side scripting language which has many frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, PHPCake, Zend and Magento etc. Codeigniter is the easiest and light weight framework which is the need of every PHP developer today. It’s free to use and open source (Open source means everyone can contribute to this framework and can also see the source code).

What’s MVC?

MVC stands for Model View Controller, this is a design pattern which is now very popular, and therefore, every PHP framework has adopted this approach. So most of the times, you’ll find a Framework working on this pattern (MVC), and you can also create an MVC with your own logic’s and PHP skills.

Furthermore, in the MVC design pattern, the Model is for creating back-end functionality such as the database, queries and other logic’s related to database driven tasks. The View is for creating the front-end work such as HTML pages and CSS liberaries. And finally, the Controller is for action, it works like connecting the Model with the View.

Codeigniter Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Above is the playlist of 25 tutorials on Codeigniter in Urdu/Hindi, you just need to play one video, and the next one will play automatically. Watch all the tutorials one by one to understand how Codeigniter works, and how you can use it for your web development projects. Furthermore, there is a small project created using Codeigniter, that’s also included in the above tutorials series. If you got any questions then do post that in the comment section below. I’ll also share tutorials related to PDO in PHP and also some more frameworks in the future.


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