Chat System Using AJAX & PHP in Urdu/Hindi

Here is a small project for those who are learning PHP and AJAX. I’ve created a chat system which will work in real time same like other popular chat applications i.e Facebook & Yahoo. Using the video tutorials on this page, you’ll be able to learn creating a small but functional chat application with simple PHP PDO approach and a small touch of AJAX request via JavaScript. I hope you’ll like this tutorial.


Chat Application in PHP & AJAX  (Overview)

This is just a basic chat system which you can use for testing or in real web development environment. Users will be able to join the chat room simply with a user name, they will be able to post messages and those messages will appear to other active users in real time with a sound for notification. I’ve used the simple PHP PDO approach to create this project, and at the same time, AJAX is used for making it real time without refreshing the page.

This is also a responsive chat application and for this I’ve used CSS3 properties so that you can learn new web designing and development techniques to adhere with the latest web development trends. In the future, I’ll use the PHP OOP method to create projects whether small or large, because the procedural PHP method is no longer acceptable in the market. At least, we should use PDO method in PHP for programming in 2016.

Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Here is the list of video tutorials for this project, watch them one by one, and if you face any difficulty then let me know via comment below the videos, and don’t forget to share these tutorials with your friends on social media, so they can also get benefit from this. Sharing is caring. Also find how to create a letters counter in PHP.

Video tutorial # 1 of 6

Video tutorial # 2 of 6

Video tutorial # 3 of 6

Video tutorial # 4 of 6

Video tutorial # 5 of 6

Video tutorial # 6 of 6

After watching the video tutorials above, I hope many PHP newbies will learn the easiest way to create a chat system in PHP and AJAX. Actually, I was asked many times via emails and messages that I should create such a project in PHP, but I did not get time to do so. But finally, it has come out.

You can also download the project files by clicking below link, this is a ZIP file which has all the data and files we used for creating this project. However, the database file is not included in the project files below, so you’ll need to create a database with the name “chat” and inside that database create a table (chat) with four columns in it.

Download the Project Files

Finally, thank you for watching the tutorials and thank you for visiting this page. You can share your thoughts in the comments section, as I’m always here to have a useful conversation with you :) Happy Web Development!

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