Camtasia and PowerPoint Free Course

Make $10,000 Or More per Year Authoring udemy Courses

The udemy team recently announced that of its instructors make more than $10,000 per year selling their udemy courses online. Thats a lot of passive income to simply watch pass you by without acting. Maybe its time you considered ceasing your share of the pie.

Learn What it Takes to Produce and Sell a udemy Course

This course explains how to create udemy courses using PowerPoint and the Camtasia Screen Recorder and Video Editing software. It includes everything you need to know to create stunning screen cast based presentationss on your PC or Mac. The course concludes with information on pricing and marketing your course that will set you well on the path to becoming one of the udemy $10,000/yr elite.

Learn PowerPoint Animation

Rather than using PowerPoint to produce bland presentation slides, this course will show you how to animate PowerPoint slides to produce stunning production and course logo videos and show you simple ways to add movement to your slide presentations to maintain your audiences attention.

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