ASP.NET Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

ASP.NET is a Microsoft web development framework which you can use to create dynamic and back-end web applications and websites. Unlike PHP, it provides you a developing environment in Microsoft Visual studio where you can play with many on-click tools and components, in fact you don’t need to worry about anything while working with ASP.NET using visual studio which is a software created by Microsoft itself. However, PHP (Hyper Text Pre-Processor) is an open source web development language which is more easy and convenient to use rather than ASP (Active Server Pages), but ASP which is now called ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft, for using this programming language you need to set up a proper web development environment. We recently created a complete course on ASP.NET, and we are sharing some of its important parts with you, so you can learn it for free in Urdu/Hindi. in urdu

ASP.NET Training in Urdu/Hindi

In this training series, You’ll learn all the basics of ASP.NET and meanwhile, You’ll be able to create some really cool web development projects after watching this video series in Urdu, but one important thing to be noted that the videos are hosted on YouTube, so you need to keep YouTube open in order to watch the videos on this page, You can use a Chrome extension called “Zenmate” for using YouTube in Pakistan, and after adding that extension to your browser, just come back to this page and watch the below videos which are in a single playlist on YouTube.

After watching the video series above, I hope you’ll have a clear idea about ASP.NET and it’s environment. However, in this complete ASP.NET course we’ll learn some important projects such as:

  • Creating Web Forms in ASP.NET

  • Creating a CMS (Content Management System) in ASP.NET

  • Creating an MVC (Model View Controller) in ASP.NET

  • Creating Web Pages in ASP.NET

  • And a lot more

What’s coming next in web development? 

I hope, you’ll enjoy this ASP series, but at the same time we are working hard to create more web development courses in near future which will include PHP frameworks, bootstrap, AJAX and some other top notch trending tools and frameworks. If you have any further question in this regard then please do ask it in the comment section below.

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