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Add YouTube Subscribe Widget to Your Blog in Urdu & Hindi is the most popular video sharing website. It is something similarly like a social platform. You can upload/share/download/watch videos and can subscribe to your desired channels, also people can subscribe to you, you can send messages, can comment and can do many things same like a social network. YouTube is used for website marketing and product marketing by bloggers & webmasters. And a rapid growth was seen in the increase of new users.

Subscribe to Youtube

You can market your website by simply creating some helpful videos for the YouTube community regardless a specific topic, because YouTube has numerous categories for You. And there are millions of YouTubers waiting for your Videos. So you can easily increase your readers/audience by uploading some helpful videos to YouTube. If people liked your videos, they will subscribe to your channel and also they will visit your website (which you must mention in every video).

And by adding a subscribe widget to your blog/site, you can further increase your subscribers and viewers on YouTube. This is a great engagement between your site and YouTube. You get many benefits by Using YouTube. People on YouTube watch your videos and find your site. And people who visit your site watch the same videos on your site and then visit your YouTube channel. So give them opportunity to directly subscribe to you via your website. Here is how.

Adding YouTube subscribe Widget to Your Website

This thing is very easy to do, you need to just insert the following code somewhere in your website or blog. In blogger you can insert this code by adding an HTML/JavaScript widget, while in WordPress, you can add it by adding a text widget to sidebar.
<iframe src=”
style=”overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;”
scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″>

Just copy the above code and paste inside a text widget in WordPress & HTML/JavaScript widget in Blogger, and after pasting it there, just change the “ITEXPERTS” to your YouTube user name. Save the widget and you’ll see a live subscribe widget on your site/blog.

If you faced any difficulty then here is a video tutorial in Urdu language which can practically show you how to do this thing:

So Now you can increase YouTube subscribers straight from your website. I hope you have understood this procedure and now you can easily do this by yourself. You can however, comment below the post if you have questions or something to say. I welcome You to join the conversation. Take Care.


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