1 - How To Start A Blog And Make Money From Scratch | Wordpress Website Course

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How To Start A Blog And Make Money?

Hi there, my name is Jordan Alexo and I am about to teach you how to make a Wordpress website step-by-step that will make you money. All the videos are explained in a newbie friendly way, therefore, you won't need to have any technical or programming skills at all.

We're going to use one of the most famous website builders on the Internet called, "Wordpress." This platform allows you to quickly create a Wordpress website that looks professional.

Here's a complete list of everything that you will learn in this 19 video series:

1. How to choose a domain name and web-host provider.
2. How to make an impressive Wordpress website. We're going to use a free theme called, "Spacious." This theme will give your website a minimalist and clean look.
3. How to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your website so you can get the most traffic possible from Google, Bing, Yahoo.
4. How to make stunning images for your Wordpress website using a free software called, "Gimp."
5. How to integrate an easy to use web-analytic program. This tool allows you to track your traffic in real-time. This way you can see how your visitors are finding your website and what they're doing there.

For this, we're going to use Clicky. It's a free tool that also has a premium version if you feel that you need some extra options.

5. In the end of this course, I will show you how to integrate an email service in your Wordpress website. This is possibly one of the best ways for you to start making money online, why?

- You can automatically send e-mails to your subscribers and put your business working 24/7 without you being there.
- Easiest way to build a group of people that love your content and that will get your products.
- People normally check their email inbox on a regular basis. There is a higher chance of them reading it. Instead of just having a website where many times people leave and forget.

This course has everything that you need to make a successful and impressive Wordpress website. Let's get started.... yeahhhh baby!
Pro Website Course Video List:

1 - How To Start A Blog And Make Money From Scratch | http://youtu.be/kXgKUUxyeds
2 - How Does a Domain Name and Web-Hosting Work? | http://youtu.be/tPtJeOeemP8
3 - What is the Difference Between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org? | http://youtu.be/Ans0s5x_67I
4 - Easiest Way To Make a Wordpress Website In 6 Steps | http://youtu.be/ISCJM18zSUQ
5 - How To Choose A Web-Hosting Provider And Domain Name? | http://youtu.be/wHkFLk6ESbo
6 - How To Set Up Bluehost Email For Your Wordpress Website | http://youtu.be/SoZgqcZ15gw
7 - How To Install Wordpress on Bluehost | http://youtu.be/2ieO4ECukis
8 - How To Login To Wordpress Backoffice And Quick Overview | http://youtu.be/WLd04Jvmwto
9 - How to Install a Wordpress Theme | http://youtu.be/XTOlfr_iFz8
10 - How To Customize Wordpress Theme | http://youtu.be/fOHrMETQRrw
11 - How To Create and Edit New Pages in Wordpress | http://youtu.be/nkqg9c8Yl_w
12 - How To Create Posts In Wordpress? Use Categories and Tags? | http://youtu.be/9tY-j2NzV8M
13 - How To Create a Wordpress Custom Menu? | http://youtu.be/lOCCdaw-oDk
14 - How To Backup Your Wordpress Website | http://youtu.be/b4txJx1tAJ07
15 - How To Create a Privacy Policy In Wordpress | http://youtu.be/SUlstSVdMG0
16 - How to Install Web-Analytics On Wordpress? | http://youtu.be/X_Jh8ZVgd9g
17 - How To Use Clicky Web-Analytics For Wordpress | http://youtu.be/stVDi0nn_90
18 - How To SEO Your Wordpress Website | http://youtu.be/Ficp4_wBZ4E
19 - How To Create An Email Newsletter In Wordpress | Getresponse Tutorial | http://youtu.be/33kkMnKq3vQ

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