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How To Install VMware Player on a Windows - Learn Online

How To Install VMWare Player
Using VMware Player
Getting Started with VMware Player - VMware Player
VMware Player Getting Started
How To Install VMware Player On Ubuntu 11.04/
How To Run Ubuntu in Windows 7 with VMware Player
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  1. Newest version of the VM Player (11/9/2013) has only two options: Browse for available V-Machines and Download Virtual Appliances. Where do I need to look for available V-Machine it doesn't say, but opens a Documents folder in Windows, which has no (zero) *.vmx files in it.

  2. please continuous as the programming language :(

  3. Нүүдээ Баянбаатар1 March 2017 at 15:17

    hey what's up? can i ask you question? how to create application for Oracle ERP? please answer me

  4. LINUX PREGINNER1 March 2017 at 15:17

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!   Thank all things good for this video. As a open source distro wannabe this video is esential before you make the switch to Linux. Once I have this VM installed and update the vmware tools, I have had a chance to try all Linux distros I wanted. I have been playing with it for a week and went mint13. Thank you mr knowledge.


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