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  2. Prince Ghimire1 March 2017 at 15:16

    Your aircraft is going to take off!! Tighten Your sear belt :D

  3. what happend in 3:40 ???

  4. Awesome! Struggled with this for days.....You've gotten me the furtherest so far.....I was initiating juno in ubuntu12.02 and the software center installs conflicted environments and workspaces.....REAL NIGHTMARE!!! This took care of the compiler and cdt release issues so far. I just changed indigo to juno for the download and it seems to be letting me open new c++ projects Ill try it on some class projects.....

  5. well, there were some dependency inconsistency, that's why it didn't let you click Next at first. Then, I guess you paused the recording, tackled with it, started the recording and clicked next. What dependencies did you deselect to meet the consistency requirements? I have the same issue and hoped that this video would help me out.

  6. Very helpful

  7. If you are having the dependency inconsistency error install "CDT Main Features" first then install "CDT Optional Features" after.  If you can't see the option when you type CDT in the Work with field enter this link:

  8. Can't see that option of CDT when i do exactly as you did

  9. Sarbartha Sengupta1 March 2017 at 15:16

    Too slow .... make it a bit FAST next time.

  10. your fan pc is going to blow up!! :)


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