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Sftware House Pakistan is loving this new windows tablet pc to hit our office!! apnieyesp 12G is the greatest tablet PC to hit the market. bModo 12G is a dream for anyone wanting a multi-functional PC for work or play.  Its compact size and advanced technology using Windows 7 Home Premium means you can use it anywhere – at work, home or on the road.
Web-browsing and access to all forms of multimedia content including Adobe® Flash® is a doddle on this ingenious device with touch screen interface. The Apnieyesp 12G is equipped with Bluetooth connection and 3G WiFi so you can stay connected from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted use of e-mail, video chat, RSS feeds, games, and social networking.  G-Sensor technology figures out how you hold your PC (portrait, landscape or upside down) and other features include an 11.6” screen (2” bigger than an iPad) and fully integrated virtual QWERTY keyboard.
Why carry around several devices for work and entertainment when Apnieyesp 12G is all you need.  Price: £660.00 P&P £10 UK. For more information, call 92 333 238 1098 or visit:

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