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We love Magento!

Yes we do!
So why is it so good you may be asking? Magento is an open source ecommerce platform built on the ZEND framework which is the best PHP frame work available so from a perspective of stability having been built on that platform makes it work wonders!
Magento has many features which I could go on about for hours but I will summarise what I feel are very important to any ecommerce based company:
Profit report!! For every product you list you are able to enter the cost price so you can run a report at anytime calculating to the penny how much profit you are making. This is usually provided by your accountant but now you can do this at any time.
Easy management of orders this is key for businesses as the last thing you want is for it to be difficult to manage and process orders. There is a simple logic that Magento follows chart below explains:
For every state you can set statuses and you can filter these should you need to for example see all orders that are part shipped or pending payment for example.

Batch printing is another great one. Let’s say you have 100 orders in pending you need to print all the invoices in one go. Easy! Select the order status to filter those you need and press print a PDF is created containing all the invoices which you can send to print. If required the invoices can be formatted to paper with the sticky label you peel off and stick to the consignments.
So what else do we think is great?
  • Well we are developing a bespoke module that will follow customer’s trends and put in front of them things they like.
  • Wholesale customers & Standard Customer Accounts
  • Price Break Discounts
  • Static page control, basically means you can edit any of the website pages yourself
  • Flexible design implementation
  • Search keyword report and ability to define what they see per search term
  • Customer’s online watch who is shopping in real time
  • Sage pay module for those who send transactions in deferred state you are able to review the transaction details in the Magento admin and decide to release the transaction in the admin instead of having to login to sage pays control panel
  • Cheque or BACS payment modules
  • Products have a number of ways to be created in the admin and you can define sets as to how you want them to be and also in the order you want to fill the fields out
  • YouTube embed code.
  • Light box effect on images
  • SEO tools
  • Export of customers
  • Flexible shipping rate modules
Because this is an open source there is a massive community of users that contribute modules that are free to use and only require a fee for us to install and configure with your site. Many of the questions you may ask “can Magento do this” if not a standard module no doubt will be available as a contribution and if not we can develop it for you for a fee.
If your intrested in a qoute for a Magento E-commerce shop, get in touch today by our website designers london on 92 333 238 1098 or emailing us on
See below some examples of shops we have produced in Magento.

Fountain Candles –

Spycatcheronline South Africa –

Studio Flash –

My Home Sweet Home –



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