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What Affects Your Rankings On Google? 6 Factors You Must Know - Part 3

What Affects Your Rankings On Google? - 6 Factors You Must Know

Hi there welcome to part three of this video tutorial where I talk about the key pieces on SEO and how to outsmart Google.

If you still haven't watched my other videos please check below...

1. What is SEO and How It Works:
2. What Does Google Want in a Website:

In this video I explain the 6 most important factors that affect your website rankings on Google. As I said previously, it's important for you to understand the basics before we go deep into more serious topics.

At least, when you get to keyword research and how to SEO your website, you'll have a good understanding of the reasons you should do it.

Let's now talk about the six most important factors.

1 - Website Aging

When you start a new website Google simply doesn't trust it. They don't know the quality of the content you provide; or if you're up to some shady tactics or not.

However, as times passes and if you show to Google that your website is worthy they start trusting it more and more. For this reason, you gain better rankings on their SERP.

2 - Content

It's important for you provide great content. You shouldn't copy content from other websites or spin it. Instead, always provide unique information to your visitors.

3 - Relevancy

Your website pages will rank better depending how closely related they are to a particular search. This means many times you can out rank websites that aren't relevant but have far more authority on the web.

4 - Backlinks

Now in days, it's not about the amount of backlinks you have pointed toa website. Instead, the quality of the links. You should never spam the Internet in the attempt of getting low quality backlinks.

You're better off getting fewer backlinks from highly trusted websites. The fact is the more high-quality backlinks you have the better rankings you'll have in the SERP

5- Uploading Time

You should have a website that uploads its pages as quickly as possible. First, nobody on the Internet likes to wait long. Seconds, Google uses this as another factor to rank your website well on the SERP.

6- Bounce Rate

When your website starts getting bigger you should pay attention to the bounce rate. The lower your website's bounce rate the more engage people are in your content. Google uses this as a metric to evaluate your site.


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