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The Complete Tutorial to Learn Android

Android Programming Tutorial For Beginners 2015-2016 | The Complete Tutorial to Learn Android
Learn everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with the Android 5 SDK and Google's Android Studio IDE. Starting with a brief look at Android's history, the course takes you through the anatomy of a typical Android project and the setup for creating your first app, including connecting to devices (both real and virtual) for testing. Then learn how to define screens with activities and layouts, respond to events with XML and Java-based code, display text and images that adjust to multiple screens, create menus, manage navigation, display and manage data, and use styles and themes to make your app reflect Google's new visual language, material design.

Topics include:
Exploring Android Studio
Configuring virtual and physical devices for testing
Understanding the structure of an Android project
Designing and laying out screens
Displaying text and images
Handling events and orientation changes
Adding menus
Managing navigation with activities and layouts
Supporting multiple screens
Using styles and themes
Working with data

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