Social Network in PHP & MySQLi in Urdu/Hindi

PHP is a very powerful web programming language which you can use to create dynamic websites and web applications. I’ve been creating video tutorials on PHP since the creation of this blog in Urdu/Hindi. I have put together some projects as well such as Ecommerce website in PHP and a Complete CMS in PHP. But this time, I’ve brought you a new project called “Social Network in PHP“. In this series, you’ll step by step learn to create a simple and easy social networking website in PHP & MySQLi from scratch in Urdu/Hindi.

social network

Social Network Overview

This will be a very simple social network and it’ll be like a discussion forum where users can ask questions, post discussions, post comments, find other members and send them messages etc. All the basic communication features are included in this project. However, the friend request system is not included in this project because that’s already there in every social networking website, so I’ve made it simple for a specific purpose.

What You Should already Know?

Since this course is for absolute beginners, but despite that, you should know the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. This is necessary because we’ll not be discussing the basic concepts of PHP and HTML etc, instead of that we’ll be straight talking about the thing we are going to create in this course.

What Exactly I’m Going to Learn?

Now here I’m going to show you the exact thing which you’ll learn in the video tutorials below. As I mentioned, this will be a complete step by step course on creating a social networking website, so the basic understanding of this system will be something like this:

  • A website for the users

  • Admin panel for the owner

  • Uploading it to online server

Please see the attached screenshots below for more clarity of this project, so before you start learning the course, you already know about what you are going to learn.

The Home Page of This Social Network


Page After we login


This is the Admin Panel for this System


Now, it’s time to start learning and the course and create it yourself, so please watch below video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi to learn this practically and step by step.

Watch this introduction on Dailymotion:

Watch this complete playlist on YouTube:

The above playlist is on YouTube, so you need to first open YouTube in Pakistan and then watch the playlist of videos above, all the video tutorials are in one single playlist, so you can easily watch all in one single place. if you have any question or anything related to this then please ask in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this post with all of your friends on social media.

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