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Every organization has its own different mascots that they want to use to create an awareness among the people about themselves, the products they make and the work ethics they have. The mascot making industry is also becoming increasingly popular due to the high demand from different sections of the society. There are many schools and colleges that call up the mascot makers to design custom mascots for their event. In a similar way, there are many companies who want to have a mascot for their personal events, like a new product launch or something like that, where they want people to see their brand power.

But, I would still say that the mascots are used most often in schools and colleges. The mascots are available in many different sizes today. Most of them are designed in such a way, where they represent the power of that particular organization. The most popular mascots will have an animal face, which could either be a lion or a bear or any other popular animal. Well, the purpose of using a strong animal is to grab the attention of the crowd and make them cheer for the team whose name is mentioned on the mascot. The main reason for having mascots in the events is to avoid any heated conversations or brawls during the event.

A mascot costume is used to have loads of fun at the event. Both the teams play in the right spirit when the mascots are around, and they also keep the fans on their toes. I really admire the guy who wears the mascot and perform all those gestures to keep the fans and teams interested in the event. But, it is very important to check the durability of the mascot costumes because if they are not durable enough, then the person wearing one of the mascots can feel suffocated. It is very important that an adequate supply of air can get through the mascot. It should have a proper cross ventilation, so that a person can easily perform wearing this heavy suit for hours.

Children love playing with the mascot, therefore it is important to have one at the event. It will entertain people from all age groups. If you want your event to be successful, then you have to make sure that a huge amount of people come and see the game. The adult will come because they love the sport, but what about the children? They must have something to cheer about. This is when the mascot will come into the picture and entertain the children with its activities. Children will have a great time at the game, even if they don't understand what's going on in the game. The size of the mascot costume should fit property to the person who will wear it.

The costume should not be too big or small. It is important for you to take the specifications of the person in advance and give it to the mascot making company. Moreover, if you want to save some money on the mascot costumes, then you should buy them in bulk. Once the company delivers the order, it becomes your duty to keep all the mascots clean and dry before the event. Any mishappening incurred to the mascots will be on your head. It is not an easy job to perform all the tasks pertaining to the mascot costumes, but if you have taken the responsibility, then it becomes important for you to fulfil it in the best possible way. It totally depends upon your shoulders that how you want the event of your school or college to be like.

Being a great mascot is a big responsibility, especially if you have been chosen to wear a lion mascot company for your college football team or company. There are thousands of people who transform into a lion mascot costume each weekend to boost spirit and morale.

Being a mascot doesn't come easily and you need to have an outgoing personality and the ability to perform in front of thousands of people. The good news is that once you put on the head, no one knows it's you and many mascots never reveal who their mascot is. They are there for a purpose and their secret identity is part of the appeal.

There are six things you must remember when you choose to put on a lion mascot costume and perform in front of an excitable audience. The first is bear in mind that once you are in the costume you are going to get hot and you can't just pull off the head to get some air. This means dressing in lightweight and comfortable clothes that you can pull the costume over. It may take some getting used to walking around in the costume before you go out on the field.

Next remember to keep your acts family friendly. Thousands of children attend sporting events each year, so you want to ensure that you keep your performances PG rated and don't get into any unnecessary fights with other mascots on the field. Chances are each team will have their own mascot, how you conduct yourself is imperative to how you are perceived and you future as the team mascot moving forward.

Before you head out onto the field, get to grips with the restrictions of the event. Some events welcome mascots to move around the stadium, interacting with spectators and even making an appearance on field, while others don't. In order to avoid any problems, speak to the organizers and know what you are and are not allowed to do in advance. This ensures that the event goes well without problems and you can do your performance and keep everyone's energy levels high without being pulled off the field or away from spectators unexpectedly.

Be entertaining. This is so important. Once you put on your lion mascot costume you need to transform yourself into a fun and active part of the experience. Your aim is to keep spectators energy levels high and ensure they have a fun experience as your team fights it out on the field. You need to support your team, helping boost their spirit and morale as well. It's an important job that thousands of people want, so ensure you have the tools to keep everyone on their toes throughout the match.

Ensure you are seen throughout the event whether you make your way through the spectators and have your photo take with fans or you're down on the field jumping around next to the cheerleaders. A team mascot is an integral part of the sporting experience and it's essential that you don't hide on the side lines, but rather be seen from beginning to end, including during half time breaks.

The final thing to bear in mind that wearing a lion mascot costume can become cumbersome after an hour or two. Ensure you take breaks throughout the event, sit down for a few minutes and drink some water. Keep yourself hydrated because it may get hot in the lion mascot costume, especially on a hot day. Remember you need to take care of yourself, no one wants to see their favorite mascot fainting on the side lines during play.

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mascot maker


mascot maker

All it takes is 4 easy steps:

Step 1

mascot maker

Get the exact look you want by selecting any of the components (or if that sounds too much like effort, click “random” and let the software do it all for you).
mascot maker

Save your mascot to your desktop. Your mascot is now ready to be used on your video, t-shirt or website.

mascot maker


Import your mascot into your video software (e.g., VideoMakerFX). It’s already in the correct format so there is no need to edit or fiddle around with Photoshop.

mascot maker

Have you ever wondered what is used to create those team mascots that jump around acting crazy and exciting the fans with their antics? Well, depending on the inspiring creature they are modeled after, there can be many different materials used on the exterior of the mascot, but the initial form is usually made of polyethylene, a type of plastic known for its durability and flexibility. In the past, mascots were usually made of fiberglass which is a heavier and less flexible material, making it impractical upon the invention of polyethylene. Today polyethylene is the most widely used plastic on the planet, thanks to its wide range of uses including building a sturdy and long lasting mascot!

In addition to sports team mascots, there are corporate mascots, school mascots, international mascots, organizational mascots and even municipal mascots for cities and towns! Since there are so many different types of mascots, they can be made of many different materials. Sometimes papier mache or cardboard are used in creating mascots on a limited budget. These mascots may have to be replaced intermittently due to their more fragile construction. The head on these mascots are especially prone to damage and consequently may have their appearance subtly altered each time they are replaced. Other mascots use only a fabric shell, such as wool, double knit, plush or spandex in their construction and can either be covered with added materials or serve the purpose alone. Once in a while, the mascot consists merely of the human form wearing a costume of some type, like a pirate or a gladiator.

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