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How to Backup WordPress website in Urdu & Hindi

We recently talked a lot about WordPress on this blog. We actually want to continue talking with you about WordPress because this website is hosted on WP and we want to let you know about each tip & potential that we test here on this website. I earlier published some posts about WordPress site security, WordPress optimization and also how to speed up your WP site. Now after doing all the previous things, you should always remember to backup your site, so in case something goes fishy, you can easily restore your site within minutes. In this article I’ll guide you how can you easily backup your WP website, also here is a video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi for backing up your WP Site.

wordpress backup

How to Backup Your WP Website?

Backing up your WordPress site is very easy task, you can directly export your WP site just by going to Tools>>Export and click the Export option, it will create a XML file of your all blog’s content such as pages, posts, comments, categories, tags etc and will save it to your computer. So this is all of your website content but only text content. Later on, you can restore your site by importing this file using the import option. However, images & media are not backed up by this tool.

The next thing to be backed up is your WordPress database inside database section in your website’s Cpanel. You need to just go to your Cpanel and find the databases, a database for your WP site will be located over there, and you can just backup that as well. You can export your Database to your computer easily. This database contains all of your text content such as comments, plugins, posts, pages, categories, tags etc.

But unfortunately, you cannot directly backup your images/media/files, for this you can use the backup option in your Cpanel, this option will create a backup for all of your site and will backup each and everything including the media files such as images and photos etc. However, this backup will be created but wont be restored by you using your cpanel, you can though, contact your hosting provider to restore your backup using their advance tools. You’ll need to just provide them the backup that you created using Cpanel’s backup option.

I’m also looking for an alternative option to backup your WP images/files and restore it, but this service is not seems to be free, there are many premium services out there, but I’ll try to find a free solution.

Now here is the video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi which will practically let you know about the Backups:

Having watched the video, I hope you’ll learn it, however, if you got questions then you are most welcome to post your questions only below this post.. Share this post with your friends and take Care.


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