Foundations of Logo Design in Illustrator

Foundations of Logo Design in Illustrator

Avoid pitfalls, improve your design process, respond to demanding clients, and solve the creative problems that are involved in creating a logo. In this course, Von Glitschka shows you how to take care of the nitty-gritty, like quotes and contracts, and critical design decisions involved in building a brand identity package. Learn to define your client's expectations before the project begins with customer briefs and mood boards. Find out what the attributes of a great logo are, where to look for inspiration, and how to use sketches to propel you through the design process. Then Von turns to the business side and explains how to present your designs to clients and follow up on both positive and negative feedback. Finally, learn how to launch the logo and develop a narrative that will keep the visual style of the brand intact in the future.
Topics include:

  • Gauging client perceptions

  • Determining the scope of work

  • Quoting a project

  • Profiling the client

  • Developing a brand name

  • Isolating design directions

  • Crafting a visual identity

  • Pitching your work

  • Presenting brand systems

  • Handling a change of course

  • Making style guides

  • Developing a brand narrative

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