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Complete jQuery Video Training in Urdu/Hindi

jQuery is one of prominent library of JavaScript which aims to “write less, do more”, We already have published a basic jQuery tutorials series in Urdu back in 2013, but this time, we’ve created a complete course of around 60 video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. jQuery has been massively used in web development projects for several years, and today, it has the same volume of usage as it had several years before. For every web developer, it’s essential to learn jQuery in order to take their web development skills to the next level. There will be times when you’ll be stuck in a web project, and only jQuery will work there, because JQ can be used altogether with Ajax and PHP. It’s neither a server side language nor a scripting language, but yes, it’s the library of JavaScript which is a popular client side scripting language, but more importantly, jQuery can pass requests to server when used jointly with Ajax and that’s the beauty of this small library.

jQuery Updated Video Tutorials in Urdu

Apart from the basics, in this course, you’ll learn many new things such as creating an image slider, creating plugins, creating widgets and much more. This course will cover all the basic & advance usage of JQ according to the current scenario. Below is the small outline of the course which you’ll learn while watching the video series on this page:

  • Introduction to jQuery

  • Downloading jQuery

  • Implementing jQuery

  • Basic Syntax

  • The Events

  • The Effects

  • The Selectors

  • All Basic Functions

  • Advance Functions

  • Creating an Image Slider

  • jQuery UI Plugins

  • Using jQuery with PHP + Ajax

  • Much More….

The above are some points from the course, but the course is more longer than the points mentioned above. This course is created by one of our key instructors “Shahzaib Kamal”, and now we have a team of almost seven (7) instructors/professionals who will create courses in Urdu continuously for

Important Note: 

This is a playlist of video tutorials from YouTube, so if you are located in Pakistan then first open YouTube and then come back to this page to watch the videos, you can use “ZenMate” extension for Chrome/Firefox browsers to watch the course, just go to Google & write “zenmate”, you’ll find the extension link, install it on your favorite browser and then come back to this page, you’ll see the videos.

jQuery Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Now, after watching this series of tutorials, I hope, you have learned something new from this course, but meanwhile if you want to get an advanced version of this course with source files + plugins etc then don’t forget to visit this page.

If you have any questions about this course or anything related to this blog then do ask in the comment section, but let me assure you that I’ll be sharing some more great new stuff in upcoming days with you, so be in touch for updates and some exciting news.


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