Complete CMS & Website in PHP+MySQL (Urdu & Hindi)

Here we go, a complete CMS (Content Management System) in PHP and MySQL. This is a basic CMS in PHP with no proper security or other settings, but you can get a great idea for creating your own CMS system in PHP. Web development projects are always shared on this blog and will be shared in the future as well. And this is the continuation of our projects.

Creating a CMS in PHP+MySQL is one of the great things you can do by yourself, the video tutorials in Urdu,Hindi will teach you how to create complete website with CMS. It will be having it’s own admin panel for managing all tasks.

Here is the list of video tutorials series by watching which you can create this project by yourself. Total video tutorials for this project are 16, you should watch them one by one. Three videos can be found directly on this page and for more videos you can follow the given links.

PHP Complete CMS Video # 1

PHP Complete CMS Video # 2

PHP Complete CMS Video # 3

The above videos should be watched one by one to completely understand the project, also, you can download all the project files from a give link below, the file is a ZIP file in which you can find all the pages along with the MySQL database which we’ve used in this project. So this is what all you need to learn advance php and create a complete project in it. However, there are many other projects in PHP are on the way for example the search engine in PHP and sending email using PHP and a lot more. Now download the source files from below link and share this post with all.

Download The Source Files

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